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 pjur Back Door Spray 20ml
14.90 EUR
Content: 20 ml
Price per litre: 745,00 EUR

Pjur adds a smooth touch of relaxation to your love life with this special Back Door Anal Comfort Spray!

Spray a few times directly and wait a few seconds, your sensations will be greatly enhanced and pain will be reduced! Wait a few seconds and penetration will be way more pleasant! Especially recommended if you're a beginner or if you're training for bigger sizes, the Pjur Back Door line is made to help you experience better anal sex!

This spray is only made for the anus, do not spray it in the mouth. Highly concentrated with relaxing ingredients, the skin becomes more elastic and supple which counteracts oversensitivity but does not numb or desensitize, making this spray suitable for even harder anal sex. Compatible with latex condoms and the best anal lubes.

Product details:
✓ Perfect for beginner/hard anal sex
✓ Made in Germany
✓ Panthenol and aloe make the skin more elastic
✓ Counters oversensitivity without numbing
✓ 2-4 sprays are enough
✓ Compatible with latex condoms

Ingredients: propylene glycol, laureth-4, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, alcohol denat., panthenol, mentha piperita oil Poppers Shop Information

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