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 HOT Twilight - Pheromone Eau de Parfum Men 50 ml
54.90 EUR
Content: 50 ml
Price per litre: 1098.00 EUR

Twilight by HOT is a new 50 ml format of the best-selling Pheromone Eau de Parfum spray for Men that helps your biochemical communication with other people, making you almost irresistible!

With its high and enriched pheromone concentration, it will help you exude a sexy and lovable pheromone scent thanks to the expertise of the cosmetics studio HOT. This noble perfume made in France supports your erotic and irresistible charisma to increase the chances of potential lovers to be magically attracted by you.

Inspired by the natural effects of pheromones and combined with the balanced ingredients of the fantastic Eau de Parfum, Twilight by HOT will create the perfect pheromone scent to increase your self-confidence and sex-appeal.

How to use the Twilight Pheromone spray:
Spray a couple of times directly on your skin or on your clothes and be ready to attract and excite your partner or potential conquests. Poppers Shop Information

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