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 Cock Hugger Liquid Silicone Cocksling
24.90 EUR

With the Cock Hugger Cocksling from Brutus, your manhood will be pushed forward and enhanced provocatively thanks to its constricting effect, filling your best pieces with blood to improve their size!

Made with silky-smooth and super stretchy Liquid Silicone, the Cock Hugger is an hypersoft cocksling that can be worn for longer periods of time with maximum comfort and no risks of pinching your skin.

When you wear it, you will quickly realize that your junk grows with every passing second as your blood flow gets controlled and stays right where you need it the most, gorging your muscles and veins with blood and giving them a bigger size and for a harder erection. At the bottom, your ballsack will look plump and full and be lightly stretched down for thrilling sensations.

Cockslings are perfect when you want to combine the effects of a cock ring and a ball stretcher. Easy to set up, you can also use some water-based lube to put it on with more ease. After your session, wash it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap or special sex-toy cleaner, then let it completely air dry before storing it away in a cool and dark place.

Product details:
✓ Super soft cockring
✓ Made with silky smooth liquid silicone
✓ Great for long-term wearing and comfort
✓ Harder and longer-lasting erection
✓ Holds your cock and balls without pinching
✓ Nice and stretchy for easy setup
✓ One size fits all

Total length: approx. 7.2 cm
Inner diameter back: approx. 4.7 cm
Inner diameter front: approx. 3.5 cm
Inner diameter bottom: approx. 3 cm
Weight: approx. 24 g
Material: Liquid Silicone
Color: black Poppers Shop Information

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